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Micro-Grinding System of Series ACM

The Micro-Grinding System of Series ACM is composed of high speed air classifying mill, cyclone, rotating sieve (centrifugal sifter), super-fine powder collector and fan. ACM is designed with following functions: The raw material is ground to be fine powder by high-speed impacting, particle size cla

● Particle size distribution is concentrated, stable and adjustable

● High recovery rate (≥98%)

● Less rising-up of temperature in mill, low temperature of powder

● Additive feeders equipped front or/and post mill

● Low noise, easy to clean

● PLC and HMI are used for control with friendly interface, easy to operate

● All processing parameters are recipe-mode managed (data storage, recall and modify), and monitored by the production controller in office terminal or mobile terminal

● Comprehensive safety protection system

● Easy clean and maintenance

● High reliability.


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