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Automatic Integrated Powder Coating Production Line

Automatic Integrated Powder Coating Production Line is composed of Mixer, Twin Screw Extruder, Cooling-Crusher, ACM Micro-Grinding System, and Automatic Weighting & Packing Equipment. These machines are integrated together and raw materials are processed in an enclosed space with no dust leakage. Ca

● Compact system occupying less workshop area

● Fewer operators, lower production cost, high production efficiency

● Low-noise, energy-saving and environmental friendly

● Whole system enclosed with no dust leakage

● PLC and HMI are used for control with friendly interface, easy to operate

● All processing parameters are recipe-mode managed (data storage, recall and modify), and monitored by the production controller in office terminal or mobile terminal

● Comprehensive safety protection system

● Easy clean and maintenance

● High reliability


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