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Lab Twin Screw Extruder of Series TSE

Twin Screw Extruder of Series TSE is designed with two co-rotating screw-shafts. Raw materials are perfectly to be dispersed and distributed by precise kneading-elements with high speed in the barrel. Twin Screw Extruder is a very important equipment for powder coatings processing.


● Screw segments and kneading blocks are designed and manufactured to be uniform meshing clearance (radially, axially and normally) between both two screw-shafts and screw-shafts to barrel during operation by 3D-CAD&CAM. Distribution-Mixing and Dispersion-Mixing perfect and homogeneous. Self-wiping and no solidified particle

● Screw segments and kneading blocks on screw-shafts could be configured optimally according to technology requirements of powder coating processing

● Screw segments, kneading blocks, liners and shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel with heat-treatment and precisely machined. Excellent performance, and long lifetime

● The barrel is designed with efficient heating/cooling system. Temperatures of multiple zones are precisely controlled within ±2℃

● Gear box is designed with high-torque, low-noise, with torque limiter(opinion). centralized lubricating and oil temperature control/alarm system

● Feeding system is designed with metering screw and anti-lag device. Homogeneous and accurate feeding. Metal separator is optional

● PLC and HMI are used for control with friendly interface, easy to operate

● All processing parameters are recipe-mode managed (data storage, recall and modify), and monitored by the production controller in office terminal or mobile terminal

● Comprehensive safety protection system

● Easy clean and maintenance

● High reliability


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